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Timber Tone Audio

Box 4653

#1 5034 - 50th Ave.

Ponoka, Alberta

T4J 1S4


(403) 783 1332

Custom Design

Custom audio furniture and functional pieces.


We know turntables.


We are always buying, selling and trading vintage gear and vinyl.


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Here's a sample of our available vintage Turntables. 


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Turntables For Sale

Thorens TD 166 MKII - Installed in our custom-built solid maple plinth $775.00

Reduced to $625.00

Sony PS-LX3 - Direct Drive, Fully Automatic Turntable $125.00

NEC Beltdrive Automatic Turntable - P315E $195.00


This turntable sounds like a dream. Originally a low-end turntable, it's been modified to make it sound incredible. The inside has been sprayed with expanding foam and the transformer has been coated with blue latex contact cement. Both of these changes dampen any sound coming from the turntable itself, so you only hear what you want to be hearing... your music! 

Technics DC SERVO Automatic Turntable System. SL-BD26


6 Entry-level tables available, Ranging from $40-$80