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Timber Tone Audio

#102 5135 Lakeshore Drive

Sylvan Lake, Ab.

T4S 1E2


(403) 783 1332

Custom Design

Custom audio furniture and functional pieces.


We know turntables.


We are always buying, selling and trading vintage gear and vinyl.


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Affordable HiFi = Music To Your Ears

Welcome to Timber Tone Audio where the focus is vinyl groove information retrieval.


The gaining popularity of vinyl lp playback, especially among the younger generations is reason for all of us to smile.


Technology does not always equate to better.  Yet, at times it is vastly superior, as is the case in the breakthroughs made in electrolytic capacitors over their early predecessors. Simple designs often produce the most satisfying results and our products represent that philosophy throughtout the line-up. 


We offer new home audio equipment, vintage audio equipment, new & used vinyl, custom modifications, a sensible upgrade path, electronic's repairs, equipment stands, lp storage solutions and more.


We have an extensive collection of new and used vinyl. Vinyl from Canada is known for its quality.  These albums have been stored in Alberta which has low humidity, hence less chance of decay to the jackets.


You can rest assured that all of our installations, service and custom designs are dealt with on a timely basis. My hope is to enlighten you with information about vinyl playback, even if you never become a customer. 


Good hifi need not be expensive hifi.  We will dispel many of the myths surrounding the audio industry and steer you straight on which products work and why they work. We are more than happy to show you how.